A modern interpretation of the recycled textile tradition.

Plastic recycling

The Twolife® project

Our recycled textile product brand, which has always been conscious of these topics and engaged in the research of raw materials and production of yarns obtained from processes that minimise environmental impact, today proves to respond to a very important objective.
Twolife® proposes fabrics created not only with Prato classic carded wools and woolblends, but also with products obtained using recycled polyester and yarns deriving from polymers obtained from plastic bottles (PET)recycling.
The project demonstrates the continuous far-sightedness and commitment also in this specific and important issue and deems that a choice can always be made: the choice to take on the responsibility of protecting our future and the one of the next generations.
From this commitment derives the will to proceed with the production of fabrics realised with recycled materials, which are renewed and pollute less.

Twolife® images