The Twolife® recycled materials respet man and nature

A modern interpretation of the recycled textile tradition

It all started in Prato in 1840 with regenerated fabrics.
However, many things have changed over the decades even in Prato, thanks to the work of those that still today transform rags into raw materials, producing RECYCLED YARN and fabrics.
It is not a coincidence that Curzio Malaparte wrote that «The history of Italy and the history of the entire world end up in Prato and in rags».
Recycling is useful, sustainable, and very popular and appreciated by the most important brands of the clothing sector at international level.
Therefore, our aim is to defend this virtuous example of circular economy that remained “entrapped” within the boundaries of this area.

We respect nature..

The Twolife® recycled materials respect man and nature.

Value for money

Our objective is to supply quality products with a competitive price compared to materials obtained from new raw material.

Excellent service

We supply our clients top quality and controlled materials through our qualified suppliers.

Guaranteed 100%!

Twolife® supplies all the necessary technical assistance and certifications that we obtain through an internationally accredited textile analysis laboratory ISO/IEC 17025 (Accre. no.0572) that , on request, can issue all the certifications of the chain.

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TWOLIFE® project

Our interpretation of the recycled textile tradition

  • Plastic recyclingAvoiding its dispersion in the environment and putting it back on the market in different forms.
  • ProcessRecycling work of PET, the plastic of water bottles, which becomes a material for the realisation of fabrics.
  • YarnTwolife® yarns propose fabrics created not only with Prato classic carded wools and woolblends, but also with products obtained using recycled polyester..

Millions of tons of plastic in the oceans


Millions of plastic production worldwide


Discovery of the PET degrading enzyme